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Officemami.jp was originally created as a portal for a freelance Japanese journalist—Mami Takahashi—living in Paris, France and reporting on current events, culture, news, and all things “French” to a worldwide Japanese audience.


Mami originally worked in Japan as a reporter and a documentary journalist at a national television network for over ten years, but decided to completely shift gears and move full time to Paris in 2001.

Upon arrival she immersed herself in media studies and gradually became passionate as a media coordinator and freelance journalist.

Intermediate mission

Mami operates as a media coordinator under the registered company name Office MaMi as a communication adviser (Conseil en communication) since 2005.

She serves a vital role as liaison between her clients—various Japanese producers and broadcasters—and her many French contacts, enabling accurate and timely reporting of French news and affairs from the field.

Demand for Mami’s communication consulting skills has grown substantially by Japanese and foreign organizations who want to either break into or further develop their activities in France.

Mami has also recently expanded her services to French organizations looking to expand trade to the Japanese market—her years of experience and connections enable her to easily liaise with Japanese companies or the Japanese media for the promotion of French products.

Longterm Goal

To continue her passion as a business coordinator, Mami hopes to develop Office Mami into a growing agency that can reach more organizations from more places in the world wanting to bridge international gaps for both business and culture.

Journalistic activity

For several years starting in 2007, Mami produced weekly Internet chronicles for the Japanese daily newspaper Mainichi (Mainichi.jp) which primarily focused on French lifestyle and culture. In March 2009 she was appointed as a correspondent H M PRESS magazine.

Since December 2010, she has been a member of the Japan Freelance Journalists Union with an International Press card (IFJ).

Canadian network

After having lived and studied in Canada as a high school student in the mid-eighties, Mami retains many strong ties with the country and has recently started expanding her business there by partnering with several Canadian organizations, such as Notaria (notaria.ca), an technical support organization to the Canadian design industry, as well as photographers and other professionals.


This site officemami.jp is published by the micro enterprise Office MaMi.

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